Hot Wheels news 11/22

Mattel seems to be worried about all those "BOMBAS" from T-Hunted, that always shows new cars before they hit the shops. Now they are showing cars from future cases both on official pictures and package drawings on their official sites.

And we continue to show much more news before them!We showed some today already!

Check some of the new cars from mainline case "D" in official pictures:

• Lamborghini Sesto Elemento (New Model), Hiway Hauler 2, Mazda RX-7, '70 Toyota Celica (2014 HW City):

• Sling Shot, '13 Ford Mustang GT (2014 HW Race):

• 2013 SRT Viper (2014 HW Workshop):

• Subaru Impreza WRX (2014 HW Off-Road):

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  1. Sesto Elemento, Mazda, Toyota Celica, Mustang 13' GT, Viper, Impreza I'll be getting.