Hot Wheels news 11/22

Mattel seems to be worried about all those "BOMBAS" from T-Hunted, that always shows new cars before they hit the shops. Now they are showing cars from future cases both on official pictures and package drawings on their official sites.

And we continue to show much more news before them!We showed some today already!

Check some of the new cars from mainline case "D" in official pictures:

• Lamborghini Sesto Elemento (New Model), Hiway Hauler 2, Mazda RX-7, '70 Toyota Celica (2014 HW City):

• Sling Shot, '13 Ford Mustang GT (2014 HW Race):

• 2013 SRT Viper (2014 HW Workshop):

• Subaru Impreza WRX (2014 HW Off-Road):

BOMBA!!! Zamac series is back in 2014, and some other news!

T-Hunted made it again, as always: we got some pictures of 2014 cars from Hot Wheels mainline, and the most surprising ones are from the Zamac series, that is back again after a successful appearence in 2013 mainline series. That collection will only be available on WalMart in US.

In the picture below we can see the 3 first cars from Zamac series: Chevrolet SS (brazilian Opala), the '14 COPO Camaro, and the '69 Dodge Charger Daytona. Those cars are made without painting (polished zamac), and with the same tampos as the other regular models.

You can see also in the pictures the come back of the '13 Viper SRT that will be available on cases "D"; the Ferrari F12berlinetta now in silver, the Lamborghini Aventador, a new color for the '09 Corvette ZR1 (probably for 9 and 10 packs), the Scion FR-S from Now and Then subseries (see more of it here on Lamley's blog), and the '69 Camaro in black.


BOMBA!!! The case "D" regular hunt!

We showed yesterday some package drawings of cars from mainline case "D", and we had some doubts about the new regular hunt. Now there's no more doubts: it's the Speedbox you see on the drawing below with a better quality. We posted some other pictures too with better quality of some nice cars from that case. Click to enlarge!

Here's our 2014 T-Hunt/Super T-Hunt list:

• T-Hunts (15 models in 2014):
- Speedbox.

• Super T-Hunts (15 models in 2014):

Pop Culture series from Hot Wheels in 2014

Pop Culture series will be back in 2014, and as you already know, it pays an homage to some vintage brands and TV shows. You can see below a list of the brands on every case, and some pictures of the first batch. To see other pictures, click here.

- Lote M: Looney Tunes.
- Lote N: Just Born Candy.
- Lote P: Star Trek Comics.
- Lote R: Grateful Dead.
- Lote T: Hanna-Barbera.
- Lote U: Marvel.
- Lote V: General Mills.
- Lote W: Muppets.
- Lote Y: Mars Candy.
- Lote Z: Peanuts.
Source and blister pictures: 1StopDiecast.

The Retro Entertainment series from Hot Wheels in 2014

Retro Entertainment from Hot Wheels was a hit in 2013, and it is the most successful (and the most expensive) among the 1:64 scale series from Mattel. The recipe is very simple: diecast replicas from TV series and movies cars. And it will be back in 2014.

You can see a list of the firsts cases from 2014 series, and the movies on other cases. We will show more shortly, and you can click here to see what we already showed.

• Retro Entertainment (12 cases in 2014):

- Batch A: USS Enterprise (Star Trek), 1980 Dodge Macho Power Wagon (Simon & Simon), Flintmobile (Flintstones), VW Beetle (Herbie The Love Bug), 2008 Dodge Challenger SRT8 (Fast & Furious).

- Batch B: Ferrari Dino 246 GTS (Hart to Hart), Jetsons Capsule (Jetsons), Custom '77 Dodge Van (Old School), '67 GTO (Need for Speed), GMC Motorhome (Stripes).

- Batch C: Back To The Future, Need for Speed, Simon & Simon, James Bond.

- Batch D: Karate Kid, Knight Rider, Fast & Furious, James Bond, Tomy Boy.

- Batch E: Zoolander, James Bond, Simpsons, Beverly Hills 90210, Anchorman.

- Batch F: BJ and the Bear, James Bond, Ghostbusters II, Back To The Future, Batman.
Source: 1StopDiecast. Picture: Steve Vandervate (Mattel).


The case "D" from Hot Wheels mainline!

Mattel showed the pictures of the new case "D" from Hot Wheels mainline! And there's a lot of exciting models, including the new brazilian Charger and a new Lambo. '71 Mustang Mach 1 is the Super T-Hunt and we guess the Speedbox is the regular Hunt (look on the last pciture). See all the other cars below: